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Michael Says:

MMs whole Cromwell thesis is really clever and fun and all and like all good conspiracy theories has a lot of truth in it, but the Catholics have done just fine interpreting scripture as communism without Harvards help because Christianity is in fact a universalist egalitarian communal radically leftist self abnegating irrational theology, a slave religion if you will. and i say that with all due affection but it it what it is Both Catholics and protestants had turns at conquering the world with it, and it could be argued the Jews through communism also took a swing at trying to conquer the world with Christianity.
That said this might be the latest denouement but i wouldn’t count on it being the last because you see no true christian could have done wrong all thats needed is another reformation


Posted on July 14th, 2016 at 2:19 am

D. Says:

For Progressivism/Cathedralism to have peaked, other religions need to have been rising up to replace it. So far, the only religion that has been expanding broadly in the developed world is Islam, taking advantage of its alliance with the Cathedral to import itself by the millions and claim preferential treatment.

It is a promising development that a few relatively small First World countries are standing up to the Cathedral, but it remains to be seen if this behavior will spread to the Cathedral’s larger bastions.


Orthodox Reply:

Collapse doesn’t require a competitor. The barbarians didn’t “rise up” to conquer Rome, they fed off its decaying carcass. When Rome was gone, there was no glorious age of the barbarian.

Muslims and other Cathedral pets are likely to be first on the chopping block once it can no longer defend itself. In Islamic countries, Islam will rule much as it does (or does not) today. ISIS looks like a threat because the Arab tyrants are afraid of human rights violations. Once the Cathedral falls, the tyrants can Hama every jihadist stronghold. The Cathedral is net pro-Islam because it doesn’t allow the use of collective punishment.

Cryptogenic Reply:

I once spoke to a woman who was a schoolgirl during Mishima’s his coup/suicide theater. It was an event on a par with the JFK assassination: TV’s were brought into classrooms, students and everyone else went home early. Her dad was a member of the JDL, whose collective opinion — indeed the opinion of many Japanese — was thst Mishima was insane and embarrassing but basically right.

Nobody cares much about Mishima today and for years afterward didn’t speak about him in polite society. He went from being the most famous public intellectual to something akin to Charles Manson. (Cf. Schroeder’s experiences trying to film “Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters” in Japan. Nobody wanted him there bringing up such a sore subject.)

When I told my friend that he was popular among some American bloggers, she said, “Why? He would have wanted to kill them.”

Mishima: brilliant novelist and high-functioning schizophrenic/narcissist, highly disreputable in his home country.

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Contaminated NEET Reply:

Welcome to the fringes. You want normal, well-adjusted people? Go join the Republicans.

Alex Reply:


Arian Machinechrist Reply:

Charles Manson is silly, always has been and always will be.

Now Sir Yukio Mishima recognized that everybody dies

(life extension really wasn´t available) so he chose

his death, and did it with honour. ‘Honour’ is

deeply related to ‘honesty’. Those who

deride him always do us favour by

showing through it their inner

character. So that we

can exclude them.

From polis



Alex Reply:

Arian Machinechrist

Why do you slander the internationally recognised philosopher Manson?

New Gothic Evil Reply:Your comment is awaiting moderation.

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As seen by the chronology of the comments, this pathetic person, under the name “Cryptogenic”, first seems to infer Varg Vikernes is autistic or somehow mentally disabled; in both cases we forgive them. But we do not tolerate such dishonorable behavior tho, so far as we can do something about it, or expose it.

Secondly, “Cryptogenic” claims to not get my point that there is nothing wrong about LARPing (as seen in the comments he´d previously used LARPing against Varg Vikernes). Then straight after claiming he doesn´t get my point, he goes on to say that Yukio Mishima, LARPed.


2 thoughts on “de Globeall Faith

  1. I still don’t see where I called Cuh-Rispy Vikernes autistic. More telling is how you inferred autistic LARPer referred to him and not to a previous battle royale thread that drew the fangs of attack of “activist” (LARPer) types.

    Kristian isn’t autistic; he’s narcissistic. If you haven’t read Moynihan’s account of him in “Lords of Chaos,” it’s well worth it.

    I had no idea Burzum Buddies were so excitable. You’ve got to get over it, bruh.


    1. The way you make fun of how a person speaks is verily dishonorable.

      ▬{ drew the fangs of attack of “activist” (LARPer) types. }

      What´s your obsession with LARP?

      You already said LARPing is used by McDonalds employees. One would infer that it has operative value.

      And it certainly does. Even RPGing, or playing video-games does; e.g. the U.S. military uses it.

      You also said { muh favorite author, Yukio Mishima, was a LARPer }. The case is that Varg

      is right about the value of RPGs. What do you think the Roman Catholic Church does

      in its rites? That´s LARPing. For the Holy Ghost. As for ‘narcissim’ you

      overvalue your psychiatric or psychoanalytic abilities,

      in addition to finding fault, it seems,

      in every body but yourself. You are

      a scathing, atheist, Modernist-Cuck. You will prob-

      ably never know really what ‘honor’ or ‘justice’

      means. At least it´s going to take one hell

      of a conversion, psychological breakdown,

      before you become a man. Mean-while,

      I´ll suppose you´ll keep on

      finding faults anonymously

      in others, from a position

      where they cannot, or a.l.

      are not likely to be able

      to defend themselves;

      nor seek justice

      against you.

      Simply said, you are a mean troll.

      And it is no mystery:

      trolls feel bad.






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